Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Ugly Specter of Racism

The Ugly Specter of Racism

When I hear of second graders chanting for the assassination of our president elect I think poor education and parents that should be drug out of their holes and whipped. When I read of college students doing the same I think they should be bitch slapped and be sent back to class until they understand quantum physics thoroughly, because then they should understand that we are all connected and that to hate someone else is to hate yourself. Or maybe it's genetic that they don't get since that point to the fact that we all came out of Africa, that's right I'm saying Adam and Eve were Black as a Ace of spades So people get over it we are all related if you have a people that you hate they are your relatives we are all second cousins or closer.

It is for this reason I appose creationism being taught in public schools beside the fact it is bad science. It breeds this kind of idiotic thought, though it's not the only source by any means. Not that I think science has all the answers there are a few things that they've got down pretty well that creationism is uncomfortable with. That is why I keep my spirituality fluid as we push back the veil of mystery my religion float beyond their explorations though I will admit that quantum physics is getting close but so far agrees with my faith. That is the problem when your religion is rigid and dogmatic it can't survive the inevitable evolution that human thought and understanding goes through.

I hope that we can all move toward that better day when we get along with each other and the rest of creation. Barrack Obama has talked of being inclusive let's give him a chance to do what he has said he would do/ And if after four years you don't think things are better elect someone else to run the show.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Star sounds

I've been experimenting with sounds produced by "Doc Stars" a researcher who has put together some high and low frequency sounds that are supposed to help you rerpromgramer your body/mind.

The sounds are pitched so they bleed through the cheap headphones I have at work. One of my coworkers informed me it sounded like her aunts hearing aid. I laugh now but at the time I was a bit agast that I was intruding on others space. I blew it off that I was striving to ascend so I could leave work early. She took me semiseriously and related about her fathers search for a spiritual path that lead to some rathe occult sounding christian group. It was good to know that though I'm out there others can relate or at least accept what I'm striving for.

The group this doctor has set up is: if you want to check out his free demo's. I will say that the Dream telaporter demo did have an effect on my dreams when I play it just before going to bed. The dreams were very vivid and I tended to remember them better when I woke up. The other demo's effects are more subtle then again they are striving to effect things outside of oneself.

I have now purchased what he calls a mind kindle kit, which contains the full frequencies. When I played it at work I didn't notice much of an effect. However, when I finally got home last night and could play the sound out loud I did notice some interesting things. I was sending a healing reiki distant to a woman I met early that night who suffers from arthritis. I noticed a marked increase in the amount of energy I could send and the focus I could give it. I felt like I could get into the joint and repair them again quite vivid visualization. Of course I have no proof that it actually helped Mahlora but I felt something for sure.

I'm continuing the experiment today and will keep you posted on what other abilities get enhanced. I know something is happening from the way my head was tingleing and the energy running up my spine last night.

May the force be with you skywalker.
Bright blessings all

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lavendar in bloom

Lavendar in Bloom
Royal color purple bloom
Scent so sweet and subtle
Magic herb dreams delight
sleep bringer tummy tonic
your leaves are as helpful
As your flower lovely
How well you grow
with love and water
each year you mound higher
glad I am that I did sow
your seed so long ago
Perennial you flower

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chaos #2

ChaosChaos #2

Mind realing out into the Abyss
Thoughts fleeting an idea of bliss

Body seated in a munduane place
Once passed it leaves not a trace

Breathe deep the air of insight
Fuel large dreams of farsight

Time slipping by on winged heel
Time's linear an illusion on fortune's wheel

Pain is the payment for the whole deal
Try as you might no way by which you can steal

The mystery will finally be revealed
The shamman trip your fate's dealed

From the goddess they have been torn
Bygone days I do truly morn

Mayan apocalypse soon to come
New world order based on new sum

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chaos theory #1

Chaos vs order, stagnation vs freedom, The Fool steps off into the void. The Magus is the master of illusion? But is anything real? Is not all life transitory even the earth and sun will pass into oblivion. Who but I peeps from the Unhewn Dolmen Arch. To delve into the collective unconscious mind of man and see what can be mined. This sound to be a worth task said I and so I have stepped off into the void the pit of chaos to see what I can find. In losing myself will I find the self I dreamed I could be or will I find only the maddness I feared. Must remember fear is the mind killer the great limiter. How long will it last then again what i s time but an illusion, a convention we all agree to serve. There in lies the trick to slip behind the veil to step into another dimension a paralell universe where time runs the other way from death back to birth.

I'll keep you posted that is of course if I don't lose my way. Then again Rome wasn't built in day. Can I expect to undo fifty four years of programing in one night? maybe?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tim Russsert a great journalist passes

Tim Russert the hard hitting moderator of Meet the Press has died long live his successor. Though they will be hard pressed to fill his shoes. I will miss his penetrating questions, you could see the politician squirm as they vainly tried to justify their contradictory statements. I don't think any other pundit out there researched their subjects as well.

He was by far the most personable talk show host on the political scene. He seemed to always have a ready and sincere smile. He was the kind of person you could see sitting down and having a beer with you and talking about the Red Sox or the Supreme Court.

I truly feel like I've lost a friend/brother or classmate. He loved his family, his father and his Country. My heart goes out to his wife and son I can't even imagine their pain, because my grief goes pretty deep and I know theirs has got to be greater.

Let us honor Tim Russert by doing our research and asking the hard questions of those in elected office. Let us take a moment of silence to contemplate the passing of a great person may Tim Russert live long in our memories and hearts.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Full Moon Dance

Full Moon Dance
They gather in two's and three's
Around the Bel-Fire they dance
Drums set the rythym of their feet
Blessed orb provides reflected light
The cresendo builds through the night
Their goal to drive away the freeze
Their minds caught up in a trance
The healing of Earth is the feat
At the setting of the Moon it's right
They drop to the ground and release
Sending out a wave across the Earth
Come join in the Full moon dance
by Phillip M. Christophers
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Reviving the Patriot Dream

Just watched a very powerful speech by Bill Moyer addressed to a convention on media reform. Here is the link: I definitely recommend that you watch it. it speaks to a real concern for our democracy here in the USA. How we are in danger of losing the fifth estate - a free press.

I found it both disturbing and uplifting at the same time. It is a call for action we need to hold our legislators accountable and the media as well. If we are not diligent we will soon find ourselves at the mercy of the power mongers like Rupert Mudoch and his ilk.

Bush has been trying to give away the keys to the library so to speak. For the last couple of years allowing the Multimedia conglomerates buy up the few remaining free press markets left in America. If you thought the days of the robber barons were over not true my friends they have risen again and this time what they are grabbing will mean the end of freedom in America. because once they control what can be printed, said or seen then we will be truly blind and bereft. Tiny islands of thought floating in a sea of mindless pap.

The Internet is the last bastion where we can speak our mind and report our truths. We need to be vigilant and as Arlo Guthrie said "keep the patriot dream alive" Be involved people attend your town meetings call your legislator let them know you are a true patriot that you won't give up the dream.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Another Memorial day with far too many soldiers to remember. One thing to remember about the War of Iraq even though we might not like the idea or want our people in there, we should not condemn the soldiers fighting and that have died there. They volunteered under conditions that made them think they were defending our country against those that hated us and had attacked us.

If we want to condemn someone it should be the politicians that sold us out with things like the "Patriot Act" and giving Bush and Cheney the power to attack Iraq. The image of Bush receiving the information of the bombing of the Twin Towers in that class room and then just sitting there not doing anything for the longest time. I've always wondered if he didn't already know it was going to happen and that he could just chill out and read the children a book while three thousand people died.

So while I'm against the war I'm not making the mistake of blaming the soldiers for the war.
Even though some may have joined for economic reason they are all there to defend our freedoms. They are doing what they think is the right thing and are sacrificing life; limb and in some cases their minds for the America the free.

So it is up to us the electorate to make sure their sacrifice is not in vain. We need to get out there and hold the politicians accountable and let them know we are not going to put up with any more abrogation of our freedoms and rights. So not only Vote but ask questions; write your Congressperson and Senator let them know you are paying attention and that you want something done now.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Out on the water

I finally got my kayak out on the water this weekend. Once in the Hood Canal and again off the dock in Allyn. the Hood canal trip was from Potlatch to the Skohomish river outlet About two miles on the road not sure how far I paddled but for the first time out this year I was wiped out by the time I got back to the car. It took me awhile to be able to load the kayak on the rack. I like Potlatch they have a hose and cold shower to rinse off in. I had a seal bark at me while I was on the canal he was behind me so I couldn't turn to see him or her.

The Allan put in spot didn't seem as nice, the tide was out and I had to fight the wind coming back. The waves were high enough that I didn't want to have them catch me wrong so I had to paddle into the wind till I got past the dock then quickly turn around and run with the waves back to the dock. I didn't see any place to wash up though there was a bathroom there. The only thing of note on the Allyn run was the oyster workers loading up their barge with sacks of oysters and hauling them back to the dock.

That I managed to take two trips with out rolling the kayak was pretty good since it been awhile. The second time out my arms where starting to get used to the stroke. If I can get out there every weekemd I should be ready for an over night paddle in the San Jaun's by August.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Parasites of the Internet

Parasites of the Internet
My Internet provider sucks the SPAM protector doesn't block hardly anything. It might be tied to a mistake I made when I first got Online. I clicked on a link to make money by filing out Online surveys. They where just advertisements for various businesses striving to sell you anything and everything. I remember clicking on pages and pages of offers. Until I selected a couple that didn't look like I would be paying for something like Higher education ads. So now I get SPAM to sign up from every Online college out there.
What really bothers me is they have sold my e-mail address to everyone from rent designer bags to Military discounts. Trust me I'm not gay even if I was I wouldn't carry a designer bag or female nor have I been in the military at least not this life time. Another one that bugs me is SPAM from Christian dating services. I have never indicated on the couple of dating sites that I have signed up for that I'm Christian, one site I indicated that I was spiritual but not religious because that was as close as I could get to my spiritual leaning. Apparently that was close enough for the Christian dating services.
Some of the SPAM is related to my age like glucose meters and selling my home. It all is insidious and very irritating I mark it as SPAM but it comes back up like a bad meal. It is no mystery why Yahoo is struggling because these businesses are not profiting from sending the SPAM to me and Yahoo is not making itself useful to me, they are losing both ways. Not that I think it would be any better if it was linked to Microsoft, if anything it might be worse for us the poor consumers of the Internet.
As we struggle to make a connection or garner some useful information never knowing when we will step in to the land mine of unwanted e-mail, it's time to eradicate the vermin. A curse or pox on all that would flood our e-mail boxes with unwanted missives. May all that they send out come back at them threefold. May their e-mail boxes become plugged full with every email they send to someone that didn't ask for it or have need of it. I'll have to work on a mirror spell and be a lot more careful when doing my research. Especially when the site says it's free, hah! What a joke.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

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The Big Bang


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grey skies in May

Here it is the tenth of May and I awaken to grey skies again. I pray that the sun will burn through and shine down on us here in the Northwest. The lialac bush is in bloom even though this day is filled with gloom. I guess I'll go out in the kayak anyway I've got a wet suit now so it won't matter that much if it rains. Since we are seventy percent water guess we here in the northwest get to be in touch with our water nature. So come all you mudpuppies crawl out from your mushrooms and let's get out on the Sound.

Recently viewed a great anime film by Hayo Miyazaki called called Spirited Away. I highly recommend it, even though the heroine is only ten it's a good story and the art is beautiful. The deity forms where quite delightful. The analogy of the river spirit was a telling statement on the state of our enviroment and how we dump every thing in to our rivers expecting them to carry it away never thinking how it effects them our how they might feel about it.

I call on all of you to do your part to make this a better world for the childern since we are borrowing this earth from them.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Conjuring summer in

It's the Eve before Beltane the first day of celtic summer so I lit a bel fire and lept over it and raised a glass of wine for the coming of the summer being sure to share a little with mother earth. I also came across a very good video on you tube about Beltane here is the link: I highly recommend it, along with dancing and drumming summer in.

May day I intend to bike into Tumwater from the Kalmiche Park and Ride about fourteen miles and if I'm not hurting to bad I'll ride back too. it will give me a good start on the bike contest I signed up for in the month of May.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A rainy Day

Another rainy day
It didn't start out that way
Still the drops began to fall
First one or two only a few
Enough to disturb the pollen
Then a shower to wash it away
Not to complain it's natures way
April shower to bring out flowers
Soon May and maiden's bowers
The May pole with ribbons gayly
Twined around in a lively dance
Light the Beltane fires
Drive the cattle between the pyres
Drum and dance the night away
Lovers lay together on fertile fields
Set the seeds let bounty grow
Another rainy day yes!
For with spring rain
The lengthening days
Come the May pole
And maiden's bowers

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hubble images

Well I tried to upload one of these images but this site couldn't handle it so here is the link to some spectacular pictures of galaxies getting it on in a cosmic scale:
It's well worth the trip but don't try to down load them I crashed my computer in the attempt on one of them. Enjoy!
Ursa Major collision

Long long ago two galaxies collide

Like Shiva and Shikta dancing

A cosmic dance of death and rebirth

Black holes merging into one

Stars flung into oblivion

While new stars are born

Hubble's mirrors reveals

The cosmic storm of a galaxy torn

To form a beauty surreal

Of astronomical proportion

Saturday, April 26, 2008

gअलाक्सिएस कोल्लिदे ठिर ब्लाच्खोलेस मेल्दिग्न इन्तो ओने

ठिर स्तर स्किर्ट्स ट्रेल इन दिस्तांस बेयोंद कोम्प्रेहेंसिओं

शिव लोच्केद इन अ डांस ओ लाइफ डेथ एंड रेबिर्थ

व्हिले मंकिंद स्तान्ड्स एंड वात्चेस इन वोंदर

अत थे नुक्लेअर फिरेस अस सतोम फूस इन्तो न्यू फोरम्स

Political Musing on April 26th

The Election Rat Race
Barack Obama may have lost the recent nomination fight in Pennsylvania but he still has good things to say. In regard to his opponents lack of action on raising fuel efficiency standards for over 30 years he points out that they have done nothing to avoid the looming disaster of a gallon of gas costing more than $4.00.

Hillary Clinton meanwhile, points out that Barrack voted for Dick Cheney's energy bill while she didn't. She tried to say the bill had billions of dollars of giveaways for the oil industry when in fact the 2005 bill actually raised taxes on the industry.

Barack's message of change is more true than Hillary's obfuscations and out right lies she has come up with during this campaign. The pundits say it lacks detail, but I still think he is on the right path. Especially if he'll work to raise fuel efficiency above the weak increase just voted on. We have cars right now that can get over 100 miles to the gallon and all the more they could demand from the automobile industry was a measly 32 miles to the gallon.

If the Clintons don't watch out they will end up snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory for the Democratic party. Though the electoral map looks to be in the democrats favor Senator McCain is making inroads, while Hillary and Bill do everything in their power to kill the one chance this nation has for change, for which they should be villified.

Barack says he is not going to change his theme because he believes in it. Even though the pundits question him about changing course after his recent primary defeats. You have to admire his integrity and pluck in the face of the Clinton's political machine.

My hope is that we will get the candidate best suited to get us out of the terrible mess we are headed for, a constant war on terror and global warming an education system only for the uber rich, when we need every young mind willing to go to college getting in.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prayer to the East

Prayer to the East
Elementals of Air, clarity and insight
Place of the dawn that washes away the night
I call to thee and ask that you stand watch
With swift winds and wings of flying things
Turn back all that would do us harm
Isis aid me in this rite
Let my thoughts take flight
Grant my voice the clarity of a bell
I bid thee welcome and blessed be
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The devil on a horse

Sunday Morning coffee in hand I flip to the national geographic channel, the show was called The Devil on Horseback. The show stems from pictures American Capitan attached to the Africa Union Mission in Sudan Peace Keeping force composed of 7,000 troops from various African nations. The pictures this Capitan had managed to get out of Sudan where horrific, children chained together and set on fire their screams frozen in the burnt husks. The Capitan and his people had written hundreds of reports there were never published.
These attacks were conducted by a group funded and supported by the Sudan government called the
Janjaweed. Janjaweed is a militia group recruited from the Arab Baggara tribes nomads who want to move there camels into Darfur for the water there. They view these non Arab agrarian people of the Fur, Zaghawa and Massaleit ethnic groups as slaves. Based on the chant that survivors related to the Capitan “ kill the slaves” just before the charged in and killed nearly the whole village.
The show reported on how the Janjaweed militia used the oil pipeline built by and for the export of oil to China, who pays for it with guns and money. Sudan didn't have the funds or expertise needed to develop their oilfields so turned to China for help I suppose because everyone else couldn't in good conscience support the Sudanese government that support this genocide in Darfur.
Though the Sudan government claims only 9,000 people have been killed, the UN and other non governmental organizations estimate between 200,000 to 400,000 people killed by war and disease. Though the US government has declared the situation in Darfur as genocide, the UN has not. Currently after the seventh resolution passed by the UN they have sent in 9,065 uniformed personnel only 6,880 that are armed troops to join with the Africa Union forces a total of 19,555 military and 3.722 police.
What bothers me is will they be able to do anything to stop these war crimes or will they like the Capitan that brought out this deeply disturbing report be forced to carry just cameras and have no other weapon to stop this crime against humanity? Because the Sudan government has shown that they can't be shamed into doing the right thing in Darfur. Their answer is to jail and kill witnesses and tamper with evidence of mass graves.

These images have been burnt into my mind like they stain the plains of the Sudan
A geas against those that would do this to their fellow man
May they be bound unable to profit or raise their hand
Against those of a different religion, tribe or stand.
May those that look the other way now see it all around
Those that support it in any way be exposed
May we all rise up and say no more!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

not Mud Bay but

On a positvie note since I've started riding the bus again I'm writing a lot more poetry. Mostly images from the bus, but at least I'm writing again.
Mud Bay at high tide
a perfect mirror of the sky
the gray of a hidden dawn
thoughts are overcast
with each to their own
driver calling the stops
on such a gray day
Now comes Bud Bay
like a silverd mirror
end of the line
turn it around
to make another run.
The bays were like glass that day not a ripple to be seen it put me in a reflective mood and since I wasn't driving I could engage to poetic drive and scrible down these thoughts.

Monoluge from the Tomb

Came across this Pantuom in a Poetry Handbook by Babette Deutsch the author was anonymous, but according to Babette the Queen was Victoria. I find it intersting because it mirrors a vision I had during a very intense Sweat lodge some years ago.

Monologue from beyond the Tomb

Morn and noon and night,
Here I lie in the ground;
No faintest glimmer of light,
No lightest whisper fo sound.
Here I lie in the ground;
The worms glide in out and in
No lightest whisper of sound,
The worms glide out and in
They are fruitful and multiply;
After a lifelong din
I watch them quietly.
They are fruitful and multiply
My body dwindles the while;
I watch them quietly
I can scare forbear a smile.
My body dwindles the while
I shall soon be a skeleton;
I can scare forbear a smile
They have had such glorious fun
I shall soon be a skeleton;
The worm are wriggling away;
They have had such glorious fun
They will fertilize my clay.
They worms are wriggling away,
They are what I have been;
They will fertilize my clay;
The grass will grow more green.
They are what I have been,
I shall change, but what of that?
The grass will grow more green,
The parson sheep will grow fat.
I shall change, but what of that?
All flesh is grass, one says.
The parson sheep grow fat;
The parson grows in grace.
All flesh is grass , one says.
Grass becomes flesh, one knows.
The parson grows in grace:
I am the grace he grows.
Grass becomes flesh, one knows.
He grows like the bull of Bashan,
I am the grace he grows;
I startle his congregation.
He grows like the bull of Bashan,
One day he'll be Bishop or Dean.
I startle his congregation;
One day I shall preach to the Queen
One day he'll be Bishop or Dean,
One of those science-haters
One day I shall preach to the Queen.
To think of my going in gaiters!
One of those science-haters
Blind as a mole or bat;
To think of me going in gaiters,
And wearing a shovel hat!
Blind as a mole or bat,
No faintest glimmer of light,
And wearing a shovel hat,
Morning and noon and night.

Alton Logan

Alton Logan 26 years in jail for another mans crime
two lawyers keep a secret till the killer dies
26 years doing another man's time
aren't omissions another form of a lies
Edgar Hope said tell his lawyer
he represents an innocent man
Andrew Wilson was the shooter
The lawyers wrote it down but wouldn't free the man
Lawyer-client privilege was the reason given
So they waited for Wilson to die
Instead of being executed for killing two cops
Wilson got life the police had tortured him you see
Justice has been set aside to protect a guilty man
Justice still hasn't been served Alton sits in jail
waiting on a system rife with sores
he has no hope till they finally set him free
he knows there is no justice when some folk
say they all look the same to me
I pray that justice will be served and
Alton will be set free sooner rather than later