Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grey skies in May

Here it is the tenth of May and I awaken to grey skies again. I pray that the sun will burn through and shine down on us here in the Northwest. The lialac bush is in bloom even though this day is filled with gloom. I guess I'll go out in the kayak anyway I've got a wet suit now so it won't matter that much if it rains. Since we are seventy percent water guess we here in the northwest get to be in touch with our water nature. So come all you mudpuppies crawl out from your mushrooms and let's get out on the Sound.

Recently viewed a great anime film by Hayo Miyazaki called called Spirited Away. I highly recommend it, even though the heroine is only ten it's a good story and the art is beautiful. The deity forms where quite delightful. The analogy of the river spirit was a telling statement on the state of our enviroment and how we dump every thing in to our rivers expecting them to carry it away never thinking how it effects them our how they might feel about it.

I call on all of you to do your part to make this a better world for the childern since we are borrowing this earth from them.

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