Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Another Memorial day with far too many soldiers to remember. One thing to remember about the War of Iraq even though we might not like the idea or want our people in there, we should not condemn the soldiers fighting and that have died there. They volunteered under conditions that made them think they were defending our country against those that hated us and had attacked us.

If we want to condemn someone it should be the politicians that sold us out with things like the "Patriot Act" and giving Bush and Cheney the power to attack Iraq. The image of Bush receiving the information of the bombing of the Twin Towers in that class room and then just sitting there not doing anything for the longest time. I've always wondered if he didn't already know it was going to happen and that he could just chill out and read the children a book while three thousand people died.

So while I'm against the war I'm not making the mistake of blaming the soldiers for the war.
Even though some may have joined for economic reason they are all there to defend our freedoms. They are doing what they think is the right thing and are sacrificing life; limb and in some cases their minds for the America the free.

So it is up to us the electorate to make sure their sacrifice is not in vain. We need to get out there and hold the politicians accountable and let them know we are not going to put up with any more abrogation of our freedoms and rights. So not only Vote but ask questions; write your Congressperson and Senator let them know you are paying attention and that you want something done now.

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