Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tim Russsert a great journalist passes

Tim Russert the hard hitting moderator of Meet the Press has died long live his successor. Though they will be hard pressed to fill his shoes. I will miss his penetrating questions, you could see the politician squirm as they vainly tried to justify their contradictory statements. I don't think any other pundit out there researched their subjects as well.

He was by far the most personable talk show host on the political scene. He seemed to always have a ready and sincere smile. He was the kind of person you could see sitting down and having a beer with you and talking about the Red Sox or the Supreme Court.

I truly feel like I've lost a friend/brother or classmate. He loved his family, his father and his Country. My heart goes out to his wife and son I can't even imagine their pain, because my grief goes pretty deep and I know theirs has got to be greater.

Let us honor Tim Russert by doing our research and asking the hard questions of those in elected office. Let us take a moment of silence to contemplate the passing of a great person may Tim Russert live long in our memories and hearts.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Full Moon Dance

Full Moon Dance
They gather in two's and three's
Around the Bel-Fire they dance
Drums set the rythym of their feet
Blessed orb provides reflected light
The cresendo builds through the night
Their goal to drive away the freeze
Their minds caught up in a trance
The healing of Earth is the feat
At the setting of the Moon it's right
They drop to the ground and release
Sending out a wave across the Earth
Come join in the Full moon dance
by Phillip M. Christophers
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Reviving the Patriot Dream

Just watched a very powerful speech by Bill Moyer addressed to a convention on media reform. Here is the link: I definitely recommend that you watch it. it speaks to a real concern for our democracy here in the USA. How we are in danger of losing the fifth estate - a free press.

I found it both disturbing and uplifting at the same time. It is a call for action we need to hold our legislators accountable and the media as well. If we are not diligent we will soon find ourselves at the mercy of the power mongers like Rupert Mudoch and his ilk.

Bush has been trying to give away the keys to the library so to speak. For the last couple of years allowing the Multimedia conglomerates buy up the few remaining free press markets left in America. If you thought the days of the robber barons were over not true my friends they have risen again and this time what they are grabbing will mean the end of freedom in America. because once they control what can be printed, said or seen then we will be truly blind and bereft. Tiny islands of thought floating in a sea of mindless pap.

The Internet is the last bastion where we can speak our mind and report our truths. We need to be vigilant and as Arlo Guthrie said "keep the patriot dream alive" Be involved people attend your town meetings call your legislator let them know you are a true patriot that you won't give up the dream.