Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tim Russsert a great journalist passes

Tim Russert the hard hitting moderator of Meet the Press has died long live his successor. Though they will be hard pressed to fill his shoes. I will miss his penetrating questions, you could see the politician squirm as they vainly tried to justify their contradictory statements. I don't think any other pundit out there researched their subjects as well.

He was by far the most personable talk show host on the political scene. He seemed to always have a ready and sincere smile. He was the kind of person you could see sitting down and having a beer with you and talking about the Red Sox or the Supreme Court.

I truly feel like I've lost a friend/brother or classmate. He loved his family, his father and his Country. My heart goes out to his wife and son I can't even imagine their pain, because my grief goes pretty deep and I know theirs has got to be greater.

Let us honor Tim Russert by doing our research and asking the hard questions of those in elected office. Let us take a moment of silence to contemplate the passing of a great person may Tim Russert live long in our memories and hearts.

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