Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chaos theory #1

Chaos vs order, stagnation vs freedom, The Fool steps off into the void. The Magus is the master of illusion? But is anything real? Is not all life transitory even the earth and sun will pass into oblivion. Who but I peeps from the Unhewn Dolmen Arch. To delve into the collective unconscious mind of man and see what can be mined. This sound to be a worth task said I and so I have stepped off into the void the pit of chaos to see what I can find. In losing myself will I find the self I dreamed I could be or will I find only the maddness I feared. Must remember fear is the mind killer the great limiter. How long will it last then again what i s time but an illusion, a convention we all agree to serve. There in lies the trick to slip behind the veil to step into another dimension a paralell universe where time runs the other way from death back to birth.

I'll keep you posted that is of course if I don't lose my way. Then again Rome wasn't built in day. Can I expect to undo fifty four years of programing in one night? maybe?

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Minerva Studios said...

I like what you are writing here. I can relate. Sympatico ( ?? )