Saturday, May 17, 2008

Parasites of the Internet

Parasites of the Internet
My Internet provider sucks the SPAM protector doesn't block hardly anything. It might be tied to a mistake I made when I first got Online. I clicked on a link to make money by filing out Online surveys. They where just advertisements for various businesses striving to sell you anything and everything. I remember clicking on pages and pages of offers. Until I selected a couple that didn't look like I would be paying for something like Higher education ads. So now I get SPAM to sign up from every Online college out there.
What really bothers me is they have sold my e-mail address to everyone from rent designer bags to Military discounts. Trust me I'm not gay even if I was I wouldn't carry a designer bag or female nor have I been in the military at least not this life time. Another one that bugs me is SPAM from Christian dating services. I have never indicated on the couple of dating sites that I have signed up for that I'm Christian, one site I indicated that I was spiritual but not religious because that was as close as I could get to my spiritual leaning. Apparently that was close enough for the Christian dating services.
Some of the SPAM is related to my age like glucose meters and selling my home. It all is insidious and very irritating I mark it as SPAM but it comes back up like a bad meal. It is no mystery why Yahoo is struggling because these businesses are not profiting from sending the SPAM to me and Yahoo is not making itself useful to me, they are losing both ways. Not that I think it would be any better if it was linked to Microsoft, if anything it might be worse for us the poor consumers of the Internet.
As we struggle to make a connection or garner some useful information never knowing when we will step in to the land mine of unwanted e-mail, it's time to eradicate the vermin. A curse or pox on all that would flood our e-mail boxes with unwanted missives. May all that they send out come back at them threefold. May their e-mail boxes become plugged full with every email they send to someone that didn't ask for it or have need of it. I'll have to work on a mirror spell and be a lot more careful when doing my research. Especially when the site says it's free, hah! What a joke.

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