Saturday, April 19, 2008

Alton Logan

Alton Logan 26 years in jail for another mans crime
two lawyers keep a secret till the killer dies
26 years doing another man's time
aren't omissions another form of a lies
Edgar Hope said tell his lawyer
he represents an innocent man
Andrew Wilson was the shooter
The lawyers wrote it down but wouldn't free the man
Lawyer-client privilege was the reason given
So they waited for Wilson to die
Instead of being executed for killing two cops
Wilson got life the police had tortured him you see
Justice has been set aside to protect a guilty man
Justice still hasn't been served Alton sits in jail
waiting on a system rife with sores
he has no hope till they finally set him free
he knows there is no justice when some folk
say they all look the same to me
I pray that justice will be served and
Alton will be set free sooner rather than later

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