Saturday, August 9, 2008

Star sounds

I've been experimenting with sounds produced by "Doc Stars" a researcher who has put together some high and low frequency sounds that are supposed to help you rerpromgramer your body/mind.

The sounds are pitched so they bleed through the cheap headphones I have at work. One of my coworkers informed me it sounded like her aunts hearing aid. I laugh now but at the time I was a bit agast that I was intruding on others space. I blew it off that I was striving to ascend so I could leave work early. She took me semiseriously and related about her fathers search for a spiritual path that lead to some rathe occult sounding christian group. It was good to know that though I'm out there others can relate or at least accept what I'm striving for.

The group this doctor has set up is: if you want to check out his free demo's. I will say that the Dream telaporter demo did have an effect on my dreams when I play it just before going to bed. The dreams were very vivid and I tended to remember them better when I woke up. The other demo's effects are more subtle then again they are striving to effect things outside of oneself.

I have now purchased what he calls a mind kindle kit, which contains the full frequencies. When I played it at work I didn't notice much of an effect. However, when I finally got home last night and could play the sound out loud I did notice some interesting things. I was sending a healing reiki distant to a woman I met early that night who suffers from arthritis. I noticed a marked increase in the amount of energy I could send and the focus I could give it. I felt like I could get into the joint and repair them again quite vivid visualization. Of course I have no proof that it actually helped Mahlora but I felt something for sure.

I'm continuing the experiment today and will keep you posted on what other abilities get enhanced. I know something is happening from the way my head was tingleing and the energy running up my spine last night.

May the force be with you skywalker.
Bright blessings all

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